Experimental Panoramas

This page collects some results from generating panoramic images.

The subjective quality of each image is given by a star rating. Good quality images are taken with a camera on a tripod on a day with good visibility. Poor quality images are likley to be taken, hand held, on a mobile phone on a day with poor visibility.

Two and Three Star Panoramas

  2009-10-13:   Minneapolis, from the Stone Bridge

  2017-12-27:   Cadbury Castle, looking North

  2020-04-14:   Ludwell, on Pynes Hill looking West

  2020-05-12:   Beacon Hill, Pinhoe looking South

  2020-05-14:   Markham Cross above Ide looking East

  2020-05-16:   Woodbury Common, B3180 near Four Firs looking West

  2020-05-28:   Weston Mouth looking West

  2020-06-01:   Aylesbeare, looking North

  2020-06-01:   Sidmouth, Peak Hill looking East

  2020-06-19:   Peak Hill, looking West

  2020-06-19:   East Hill, looking North West

  2020-06-29:   Little Dartmouth, looking South West

  2020-07-02:   Woodbury Castle, looking West

  2020-07-05:   Woodbury, looking West

  2020-07-10:   Hameldon, 360°

  2020-07-10:   above Widecombe, looking East

  2020-07-20:   Haytor, looking East

  2020-08-03:   Bellever Tor, looking North

  2020-08-26:   Combestone Tor, looking North

  2020-08-30:   Roundball, looking North

  2020-09-09:   Stoke Hill, looking North

  2020-09-12:   Lyme, looking East

  2020-09-27:   Yarde Down, Silverton, looking South

  2020-09-27:   Rode Down, Bradninch, looking East

Zero and One Star Panoramas

  2020-04-21:   Aylesbeare, Madges Cross looking West

  2020-04-23:   Barley Lane, St Thomas looking East

  2020-05-20:   Criptor, Dartmoor looking West

  2020-06-04:   Stalldown, Dartmoor looking South

  2020-06-13:   Haldon, looking West across the Teign Valley

  2020-07-14:   Waddles Down, looking North

  2020-08-22:   White Cross, looking West

Identified landmarks are outlined with a circle, and their range and bearing (clockwise with respect to UK National Grid North) shown.

      Extract from Ludwell Panorama.