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Water Temperature Measurements - River Bure 2021-09-17

Water Temperature Measurements

The graph below shows the water temperature measured during the trip. The high tide at Wroxham was at 10:00 UTC

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The image below shows the colour coded temperatures overlaid on a map. Along most of the Bure the water temperature was between 18.0° and 18.5°C. However north of the southern entrance to Wroxham Broad the temperature dropped to below 17.0°C.

It is unclear what causes this temperature difference. However this year surges have been reported which causes levels of salinity sufficiently high in Wroxham Broad to threaten fish. Thus it might be possible that the warmer water has come upstream from the sea to meet cooler water drained from the land.

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Using the above links you can zoom and pan the map - clicking on a coloured circle shows the actual measurement at that point.

    A misty start on Wroxham Broad

    Converted Windmill

    A converted wherry under sail