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Water Temperature Measurements - 2020-09-29 - Torbay

The graph below shows a time series of temperature measurements (vertical axis) covering the 5 hour period of the paddle (horizontal axis).

Low water was at 10:30 UTC and high tide at 16:50 - just after neaps. The wind was light and variable and the weather mostly overcast with a few spells of sunshine.

The sea water temperature measurements were mostly around 16.0°C and ranged from 15.4°C to 16.9°C. Temperatures above 18.0°C were recorded when the kayak was out of the water.

    Features in the Temperature Graph
  11:42     0.6°C peak     Marine Drive  
  14:29     0.4°C peak     The Headland  
  14:36     0.8°C peak     Marine Parade  
  14:42     0.3°C peak     Marine Drive  
  15:02     0.7°C dip     Paington Harbour  
  15:46     1.4°C peak     Broadsands  

    Time Table
  10:51     12:15     Broadsands to Corbyn's Head  
  12:48     13:24     Corbyn's Head to Meadfoot Beach  
  13:53     15:49     Meadfoot Beach to Broadsands  

The map below shows colour coded temperature measurements. A step of one colour corresponds to a temperature change of 0.2°C.

The same data can be viewed interactively on this map. Clicking on a circle brings up a pop-up which shows the temperature measurement at that point.

      Higher temperatures in Broadsands Bay

      Higher temperatures off Marine Parade

      Lower temperatures in Paington Harbour

      London Bridge