A Welcome Rest

Peppa has made it safely to her first hotel … and is having a nap.

Wait is that her bike in her room … How did she manage that?

A Tunnel

Looks like Peppa has been through one of the tunnels on the Edinburgh cycle routes.

Is that a Train?

Are you on a train Peppa? Your bike seems to be a tight fit!

Take care you don’t look very safe up there.

Oh … and your ticket doesn’t match your dress!

How is She Going?

It looks like she’s going on another bike trip – I wonder where?

Wait a minute – isn’t that an off road bike – what can this mean?

Where is Peppa Going Now?

It looks like Peppa is packing again. Where can she be going now?

I’m a bit worried though – her bags don’t seem to match her dress – or her skin!