Exeter Canalside

Canal Basin,
Maritime Court

Haven Banks

Water Lane, Bowling Alley, old Range site

Water Lane

Gas Works to
Marsh Barton Station

Water Lane Development

Sections and Division of Effort

The following table lists the sections in the Development Framework and Design Code.

It is proposed that initially we divide up the document and individuals or groups of individuals volunteer to comment on particular sections.

The meat of the document is in Section 4 - the 'Design Code' - and the table indicates how many pages are in each sub-section. It is important that the longer sections have more than one person contributing to them (e.g. Active Streets contains 31 pages).

Number Section Page
1.2Planning policy framework52
1.3Liveable Exeter73
1.4Using the SPD104
2.1Water Lane - the opportunity143
2.2Water Lane placemaking principles171
2.3Water Lane Vision183
3Development Framework
3.1Development Framework overview211
3.2Illustrative Development Framework222
4Design Code
4.1Code contents243
4.2Regulating plan272
4.3Memorable places295Madeline Morgan
4.4Outstanding quality3417
4.5Welcoming neighbourhoods5112
4.6Liveable buildings6321Kirby James
4.7Active streets8431Kirby James
4.8Spaces for people and wildlife11512Madeline Morgan, Kirby James  
4.9Connected culture1276
5Delivering the Water Lane Vision
5.1Delivering a successful neighbourhood1333
6.1Glossary of key terms1362
6.2Regulating plan, A31381
6.3Constraints and opportunities plan1392
6.4National Model Design Code topic map1416