Haven Banks Residents Group

In the material presented in support of "Planning Application 22/1145/FUL - Haven Banks / Water Lane Development" it is difficult to fully assess the impact of the proposed six-story building on the Quay area.

In the May 2022 consultation period, and several times after, the Developer was asked to generate a number of 'street views' to allow neighbours to better understand the size and appearance of the buildings. None were provided.

The Haven Banks Residents' Group prepared a number of street views without access to detailed information and measurements from the Developers, thus these are a 'best effort' and should not be taken as definitive.

July 2023: Additional Views

The following two images show the size of the proposed building in scale alongside the Haven Banks Centre and its climbing tower.

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View across Piazza Teracina from near the Topsham Brewery

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March 2023: Update in Light of Developer's Comments

When it became apparent that the Developers were planning to submit a revised proposal (2023), the Residents Group wrote to Exeter City Council's Planning office requesting that street views be provided alongside the submission. In particular views from Diamond Road, Stream Court and Chandlers Walk were requested.

The Developers have provided views from Diamond Road and Chandlers Walk together with a selection of locations further away. A view from Stream Court has not been provided.

The Developers, in their covering letter to their February 2023 submission, state "We are aware of some entirely inaccurate '3D visualisations' which were published in local papers ...'

The left hand (or upper) image below shows the Developers own visualisation (2023) of the view south down Diamond Road. The right hand (or lower) image is that calculated by the Residents' Group in 2022.

Some differences between the two images are to be expected, as in the revised 2023 submission:

The images show that the revised (2023) proposal appears to have an even greater impact than that proposed originally (2022).

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Two other 'street views' produced by the Developer in their 2023 submission are presented below.

Chamberlain Road looking North West

Looking north west along Chamberalin Road. (Prepared by the Developers 2023).

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Haven Road looking North

Looking north along Water Lane from a location adjacent to the Chandler's Walk entrance. (Prepared by the Developers 2023).

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September 2022: Residents' Group Before and after Estimated Street Views

Diamond Road / Haven Road Junction

Looking south along Diamond Road from junction with Haven Road (Prepared by Residents' Group September 2022).

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Stream Court / Haven Road Junction

Looking south along Stream Court from junction with Haven Road.

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Chandlers Walk

Looking north from Chandlers Walk.

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