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Exeter Canalside Development

Haven Banks Residents' Group

This web page is used as repository of reference material associated with the 2023 Proposal for the Development of Exeter Canal Basin.

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Some Responses to Exeter City Living's January 2023 Consultation on their Exeter Canalside Proposals

Reference & Background Material


Developer Milestones

The Developer Milestones are listed on-line

Outline Proposal

The Consultation Web page contains links to (you may need to register with your email address to follow some of these links):-

  1. About the Exeter Canalside site
  2. Overview of the Proposals
  3. Design approach and concept
  4. About ECL's Passivhaus approach
  5. About this engagement programme
  6. Exhibition Boards

The Design Brief states:-

"The new buildings will be designed to be a similar scale to the larger warehouses to enhance the character of Canal Basin."
"Deliver distinctive design which takes its cues from the historic context and quayside"
"Foster a sense of community and belonging - We wish to design spaces that encourage residents and the wider community to socialise and feel connected with the Canal Basinís unique setting"

'Street Views'

The Haven Banks Residents' Group have produced some composite images showing the proposed development in the context of existing buildings.

The image below shows the northern end of the development adjacent to the Boatyard Bakery. This image has been scaled to correctly show the scale of the new building relative to the Boatyard Bakery. The flats behind appear smaller as they are further away.

View from Haven Banks Outdoor Centre across the Canal Basin.
    ... click image for full size version ...

The 'inifinty' views below show the relative size of the proposed building against the existing Maritime Court town houses and flats.
    ... click images for full size versions ...

The height of the floors in the second level of the proposed building (7.75 m) are higher than the tops of the third floor windows (7.72 m) in the Maritime Court town houses.
    ... click image for full size version ...

View across the canal basin from outside the Topsham Brewery. The proposed flats are more than 50% higher than the Quayside Bakery.
    ... click image for full size version ...

Sample Images provided by the Developer

By clicking on the small images below you can see full-size versions.

The first image is described as "Below: Axonometric view showing the design concept within the Canal Basin site". According to Wikipedia

"With an axonometric projection, the scale of an object does not depend on its location (i.e., an object in the "foreground" has the same scale as an object in the "background"); consequently, such pictures look distorted ... This distortion, the direct result of a presence or absence of foreshortening, is especially evident if the object is mostly composed of rectangular features"

    ... click image for full size version ...

Cross Sections     ... click image for full size version ...

Elevation looking Eastwards     ... click image for full size version ...

Elevation looking Westwards     ... click image for full size version ...

Ground Floor Plan     ... click image for full size version ...

First Floor Plan     ... click image for full size version ...

Access to Accommodation ?     ... click image for full size version ...