2017 - Wessex


  1. Marilyn Spurr
  2. Roger Spurr
  3. Tom Ingram
  4. Jenny Ingram
  5. Tim Green
  6. Judy Green
  7. Kirby James
  8. Penny Cockram
  9. Roy Russell
  10. Glenis Pewsey
  11. Kim Littlewood
  12. Keith Portlock
  13. Stephanie Houghton
  14. Hugh Roberts
  15. Wolf Jenett
  16. Lyndsay Kyrke Smith

Route as Ridden

Date Map Distance
10 May 2017 map 62.7 474 Gillingham, Stourton, Maiden Bradley, Codford, Stapleford, Great Wishford, Wilton, Salisbury
11 May 2017 map 70.3 514 Salisbury, Wilton, Chitterne, Shrewford, Stonehenge, Amesbury, Woodford, Salisbury
12 May 2017 map 75.8 490 Salisbury, Alderbury, Downton, Ripley, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Studland, Swanage
13 May 2017 map 82.4 873 Swanage, Kingston, Corfe Castle, Clandon, Hardy Monument, Little Bredy, Bridport
14 May 2017 map 89.8 1,287 Bridport, Charmouth, Axmouth, Colyton, Ottery, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter
10-14 May 2017 map 381 3,638 Complete Route


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Proposed Wessex Trip - Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th May 2017

Last year we organised a four-day cycle ride from Penzance to Exeter - see Exeter 2016 Trip to Cornwall. This time we plan to visit Wessex.

Participants will travel to Salisbury by train on the Wednesday and stay there for two nights (Wednesday and Thursday). On the Thursday we will do a loop - for example to Stonehenge. From Salisbury we will travel to Swanage (Friday night), Bridport (Saturday night) and return to Exeter on Sunday evening.

As last time, participants will have to arrange their own accommodation for the four nights away. Some chose to do this individually whilst others got together in groups of two or four to share the load. It will helpful to others if you could let us know where you have booked (see list below).

Each participant will have to perform one or more (depending on numbers) of the following roles:-

We are staying in Salisbury on both Wednesday and Thursday nights so will be possible to join the trip on Thursday evening. This might suit people who are only able to get one day off work.

Sample Route & Overnight Stops

A sample route is available at Route Map.

Day From To Total
Total Climb
Wednesday 10 May Exeter Salisbury - - -
Thursday 11 May Salisbury Stonehenge loop 46 400 66
Friday 12 May Salisbury Swanage 84 790 124
Saturday 13 May Swanage Bridport 80 880 124
Sunday 14 May Bridport Exeter 83 1200 143

Note: 'Effective Distance' is the actual distance plus 5 km for each 100 metres climbed. It gives a more realistic indication of how hard a ride will be.


Please let us know where you have booked, it may help others looking for accommodation.


From To Role Who
Salisbury Stonehenge Leader 1 Tim
Salisbury Stonehenge Leader 2 Jenny
Salisbury Stonehenge Coffee Judy
Salisbury Evening Meal Sheena/Penny
Salisbury Swanage Leader 1 Roger
Salisbury Swanage Leader 2 Keith a.m. / Hugh p.m.
Salisbury Swanage Coffee Marilyn
Swanage Evening Meal Kim
Swanage Bridport Leader 1 Hugh a.m. / Keith p.m.
Swanage Bridport Leader 2 Roy
Swanage Bridport Coffee Stephanie
Bridport Evening Meal Wolf
Bridport Exeter Leader 1 Glenis
Bridport Exeter Leader 2 Tom
Bridport Exeter Coffee Lyndsay


The judges for each day's prize giving will be as follows.

Evening Judges
Salisbury (Wednesday night)
Jenny Ingram
Tim Green
Judy Green
Penny Cockram
Salisbury (Thursday night)
Kim Littlewood
Marilyn Spurr
Roger Spurr
Keith Portlock
Swanage (Friday night)
Roy Russell
Stephanie Houghton
Hugh Roberts
Wolf Jenett
Bridport (Saturday night)
Kirby James
Glenis Pewsey
Lyndsay Kyrke Smith
Tom Ingram

Evening Meals

Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea

Optional Ideas

Some participants are considering cycling up to Salisbury on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Others plan to take the train up on the Wednesday but get off early and cycle into Salisbury.

The map below shows the route from Gillingham Station to Stourhead and then down the Wylye Valley to Salisbury. This route is 63 km long with a climb of 400 m.

Route Map