Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach


La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Mission Beach

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Don't think of stealing anything from this house One of La Jolla's smart houses

After riding up several mountains and around the desert I decided that it was time for an easier ride ... a gentle spin by the ocean.

The 'village' of La Jolla lies on the coast 20 kilometres north of the centre of San Diego.

Looking north around La Jolla Bay Cliff top views near to La Jolla's Cove

I parked in a side road near a roundabout called Union Place Circle ... unpacked my stuff ... and headed towards the ocean.

Views near La Jolla Cove Views near La Jolla Cove Views near La Jolla Cove
Rocks covered with cormorants La Jolla Cove

The northern end of La Jolla is marked by a rocky promontory indented with a number of inlets.

From a shady path on top of the rocks you can see right around the Bay to the north towards Oceanside.

The Cove at La Jolla Bike route to Pacific Beach

I was headed south ... so I left the rocks to the sea birds and pedalled round to La Jolla Cove.

Several divers were entering the ocean to explore the underwater environment.

Life Guard with a good view of the beach Flowers, sand and surf Breaking waves
Life Guard post box More flowers and surf Seals sleeping
Seal's sleeping ... by seal rock The draw of the ocean

Further round the coast seals had taken over a number of beaches and, as they lay resting and sleeping, visitors snapped their photos.

The cycle trail follows a line of low cliffs with frequent access points to the sandy beaches below.

Museum of Contemporary Art Modern sculpture of canoes and dinghies
Lifeguards transport Oceanside homes

The Museum of Contemporary Art overlooks the ocean and has a dramatic sculpture on its roof ... which looks as if a storm has thrown a collection of canoes into a pile.

Shelter overlooking the ocean Surf's up
Modern house Bike ... but not mine

On the next few beaches seals and divers were replaced by surfers.

The path then turns inland as expensive homes take over the bluffs.

As I approached Pacific Beach the path returned to the ocean shore and Crystal Pier appeared in the distance.

Approaching Pacific Beach Pacific Beach's Crystal Pier

Crowds of visitors were strolling along the front or relaxing and people watching on the grass covered bluffs.

Parrot taking the air ... and people watching Crystal Pier

A friendly parrot was also people-watching ... and I suspect hoping for some tasty morsels.

Fortunately ... for humans at least ... Pacific Beach has plenty of beachside cafés.

Crystal Pier Cruiser bike

It was definitely time for me to visit a café and watch the world go by.

Most of the world was on foot ... but a significant proportion were on skateboards or cruiser bikes.

Cruising by bike Cruising by bike
Pop art at Pacific Beach Pop art at Pacific Beach
Pop art at Pacific Beach Pop art at Pacific Beach
Smart restaurant at no 23 Tourist stuff

Some of the restaurants at Pacific Beach look extremely smart ... and the diners are separated from the passing hoi polloi by glass barriers.

Three-wheeled 'wobbly' scooter Wahine ... a Hawaiian word for female surfer

As Pacific Beach transitions to Mission Beach the number of tourists increases and the attractions become tackier.

After cycling a little further south I turned around to return through the back streets to La Jolla.

Time to find another ... suitably smart ... café.

Beach Bike Bike route to UC San Diego La Jolla pendant


Kirby James