Edinburgh Again

All Peppa had to do now was wind her way through the outskirts, past the Airport, and Tram Depot, to complete her circuit.

What a fantastic achievement for a small pig. She 

  • Cycled 223 km off road,
  • Climbed 3,780 metres,
  • Had no punc*ures, and 
  • Ate 10 bowls of porridge.

What a star – well done Peppa.

I hope her companions make it too.

The Font Stone 

Half way up the climb Peppa discovered a hollowed out stone filled with coins. It was originally believed to have been a font but now people believe it was once the base of a stone cross.

The Last Day

Today was the last day of Peppa’s adventure. Her colleagues were not so keen. When Peppa was ready to go they were still lying in bed groaning.
So Peppa set off alone to tackle the Pentland Hills.

At the bottom of the hills she passed some twee holiday cottages.

West Linton

Arriving in West Linton Peppa spotted a sweet little cafe sited in an old toll house. Luckily it was open!

Tons of Daffs

For over ten miles the roads and lanes were lined with daffodils. Periodically the was a collection box for the Mari Curie Cancer Fund.

Glentress MTB Centre

However it wasn’t long before Peppa’s party arrived at Glentress – one of the biggest MTB venues in Europe. This gave Peppa a chance to show off her skills and also to use up some excess energy.